Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Birthday!

It's official, I'm a terrible grandma! Alex celebrated his 6th birthday last week three times and I'm just writing about it now. Things have been terribly busy here but I did help him celebrate two of the three times.

He had is official party a week ago Sunday. You can see from this picture that the partying wore him out. :-)

He was so pooped that it took him three tries to blow out the candles.

A couple of days later we celebrated again at our house with his brother and cousins. He got to pick what we had for dinner followed by another cake. I still haven't bought more birthday candles so he got that same candle we used for Nikki's birthday.

He wasn't quite as tired this time!

His actual birthday was a week ago today and his parents took him to the pizza place with the big mouse and video games. I'd say he celebrated plenty.

While he was turning 6, Ross was celebrating 60. A belated wish for a very Happy Birthday Ross!


  1. Happy Birthday to your grandson! Six is such a fun age. Hard to imagine what the world will be like when he's the same age as Ross is now!

  2. A big Happy Birthday wish to Alex (a little late)! He certainly got to celebrate plenty!
    Wow, Ross got his name on your blog! He's a star :)
    6 and 60...not much difference there :)