Saturday, June 07, 2008

Count Down

Writing here is a habit that I've gotten away from. Things have been very busy here between work, gardening and Mom.

Last Saturday Country Girl and I went plant shopping. She also brought me plants and then I went to a plant swap on Sunday. I also have been potting plants up for the plant sale I am doing for Relay for Life next weekend.

On Monday I took a group of third graders to Beaver Lake Nature Center. I love going there and walking the trails. My favorites are the Woodland Trail where I saw several Jack-in-the-pulpit and the Bog Trail.

I went to Mom's two days this week and she is doing OK. She didn't use the oxygen on Thursday night and she really noticed a difference. She was having trouble thinking clearly on Friday. So now we know it is helping. I moved the machine into her bedroom where the air conditioner is and she should still be able to use it in the living room but maybe not in the kitchen. She started again with the oxygen building up in the house and I explained again that the oxygen would just dissipate. Knowing that she was befuddled she agreed to try not to worry too much about it.

In my spare moments I have started transcribing some of the letters that I got on my trip to Michigan. It's interesting learning a little about the day to day life of my ancestors.

Summer is finally here. I like it warm but yesterday was too warm to be at work. The outside temperature hit 90 + so on my bus it was well over 100 when I was parked and due to a group getting back from a trip late, all my schools were late and I spent too much time parked, waiting for students to board.

Schools across the country are already on summer vacation or finishing up for the year. We go until June 26th :( The next three weeks will drag. I have to decide by next Friday if I am going to clean buses again this year. Right now I'm leaning towards not but that changes day to day and hour by hour. The pay is OK but I know that the weeks that I work I'll be too tired to get much done at home.

I have decided to keep my route next year. I have had some frustrations with a group of students over the last few months and had considered bidding on something new but overall I really like my route. Several elementary routes have been changed so that we could eliminate a couple to save fuel. I will still have 70% of the kids I have this year and the new route will suit me I think.

I made the decision to keep my route before I found out what bus will go with it next year. Really, I did! I will be driving a 2007 IC next year !!!! After getting the bus I had this year I really thought I'd be keeping it three or four years - and would have happily. When the head driver told me what I'd be getting I was shocked. Several other drivers aren't happy that I'm getting something so new with my lack of seniority but I understand that this is the only way they can reward me for the extra things I do. I can't wait to take it out for a spin!


  1. You sound as though you've been really busy. I'm sure you'll enjoy the new bus.

  2. Congrats on the new bus!
    And the new plants.
    The letters sound fascinating! I love to read things like that. Thanks for sharing so we can read them!

  3. The new bus sounds fun. Keep us posted on the route and summer job. I'm so very glad to be done for the summer - now to get into a routine to get things done.

    Have a great day.

  4. I'm glad to hear the oxygen is helping your mom.
    I can't wait to see what you and CG bought and are planting. Anything new this year? I've been shopping too, and have way too much to plant. Just watering it all takes too much time...time I could be planting!
    Today was even hotter than yesterday and we sweltered at school. I can only imagine how hot your bus must be having to wait like that. Ugh!
    Lucky you to be getting that nice new bus!
    I'm counting the days 'til summer vacation...just like you :)