Friday, September 05, 2008

Lots of Little People!

My new bus is a 66 passenger, 22 seats with three in each. Yesterday I brought in 64 little people. Thankfully we had a couple of sub drivers on standby so I had one ride with me and he was great at getting them into seats fairly quickly! He was still with me this morning and we only had 61. The head driver is moving some of the kids to two other buses so our numbers will be fairly even but that doesn't start until Monday. They are all kids that I will really miss :'(

I expect between 55 & 60 to ride home with me and it is going to be 90° so I'm hoping we get out of school and get some air moving through fairly quickly.

It's been a stressful first week but at the same time a good week. My 1st route is already set and running on time; the kids have been great. Having had an extra driver with me I have an almost complete roster already and my name tags already done up. I'll tackle a seating chart on Monday.


  1. That sounds like quite a crowd. I think you must be getting that heat we had recently. Thankfully it's getting a bit cooler here.

  2. Hey - where did you get that word cloud, I've been looking for a prog. that creates an artisic one!