Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another First Day

Today was a bit crazy, typical for the first day of school. I think I found all of my secondary students. Several of the kids I had last year were MIA and that offset the influx of new students.

My elementary route changed a lot from last year and I have about 25 new faces and names to learn plus the seven kindergartners that start tomorrow. For the first time in years no parents followed the bus.

This afternoon several of the kids were sure that I'd missed their stops because of the route change and others were so busy visiting that they neglected to come up when we got to their stop. One little one came up with her shoes in her hand! It took her a long time to get them on and meanwhile, two of the kids that were waiting to cross over with her got tired of waiting and just walked in front of the bus and then ignored the horn. We'll be talking about that tomorrow! I also ended up with two little girls that should have been on a different bus so I ran them out to where they needed to go. The radio was going crazy and the last hour felt like two. I got back to the garage about a half hour later than I expected to.

Hopefully tomorrow will go more smoothly.

I do love my new bus! I used one of the oldest buses in the fleet for summer school so today was my first day with this one. I figured I'd have to get out the ladder to adjust my right side mirrors and discovered that it has electronic ones! I can't believe how tight I can make my turns on the narrow village streets and I think I've figured out the alarm, at least I didn't set it off today :-)


  1. It sounds like a good day overall! Glad you got one of the new buses, what a treat, you will even have heat! LOL

  2. So glad your first day went ok - normal for first days it sounds like. Hope that you were able to get stuff done that you wanted to over the summer.

    Have a great day.