Saturday, September 27, 2008

School Bus Tragedies

Earlier this week there was a school bus fatality in Florida. A bus stopped to discharge students on a straight stretch of highway on a clear day. A semi truck slammed into the back of the bus without ever braking. The driver claimed he never saw the bus. Reports indicate that he may have been on his cell phone. The vehicles caught fire and 13 year old Frances Margay Schee didn't make it off the bus. The story can be found here.

Yesterday four special needs students were killed when their bus was hit by not one, but two dump trucks. The first truck hit the bus and flipped it on it's side and the second truck smashed into the roof. All four children were wearing seat belts or other restraints but the crash was too severe for them to do any good. A full report can be found here.

My heart goes out to the families and communities that lost children but most of all I want to extend my sympathy to the bus drivers. I'm at a loss for words that might bring them comfort.


  1. Driving anything seems so much more dangerous lately. So many people on phones or driving too fast for road conditions. It must be very hard to add in the challenge of getting small children safely on and off the bus and having to stop where there are no intersections!

  2. What sad stories. I can't even imagine how the drivers of those buses must have felt as I'm sure you each have an enormous attachment to the children you transport.
    Such tragedies.

  3.'s so hard to hear about these accidents... meanwhile I've had 3 run my stoparm while offloading (yes, many needing to cross)so far this year. (had over 35 last year alone) I love your bus stamp in your sidebar..did they ever get it made do you know?