Thursday, October 02, 2008

45 Minutes with Liz

Liz is never happy about how things fit and she has, shall we say, her own sense of fashion and woe to the mother or grandmother that disagrees with her. Jae has been having quite a time getting her to wear her school clothes and I've been having a time keeping her jacket on her.

Jae brought Nikki & Liz to the garage yesterday morning so they could ride with me and Liz had a brand new backpack. Jae tightened the straps as far as they would go and then knotted the extra strap so it wouldn't come undone. Liz put it on, declared that it was too tight and immediately shrugged it off. Now I was pretty sure it was hitting her butt so I told her I didn't think it was too tight and to put it back on so I could check and I'd fix it if it needed it. She went straight back to Jae who told her she had to leave but she could put it back on & I would fix it for her or Jae would fix it after work and she left. Of course she refused to put it back on so I told her oh-well and went back to talking to a co-worker. That did not suit Liz at all, so she started working at the knot on one of the straps and I watched out of the corner of my eye as she got it loosened just a little bit. She then pulled it up tight again and loudly declared, "There, I fixed it myself!" We had all we could do not to crack up. I asked her if it was ok now, not too tight? - Nope just right!

So we set off to pick up the other kids. Liz sits right behind me so I asked her how her dance lesson had gone.

"Grandmaaaaaaaa, you know we had open house at school last night!!!!!!! So we didn't goooo to dance."

"I'm sorry, I forgot about open house, I guess I'm old and forgetful. So how did open house go?"

"It was good except that the cheerleaders were in the gym! So I couldn't show them the gym!!!"

"Well, that's OK honey. Your parents used to go to your school so they know what it looks like."

"But grandmaaaaaa, THEY'RE OLD and I don't think they remember."

I'm sure the parent at the first stop was wondering why I was laughing out loud as I pulled up. So we're making our rounds and, not wanting Liz to have to sit alone, I put a couple of kindergarten girls with her so that none of them would have to sit alone. I overheard one of the other girls saying "well your grandma ......" uh-oh. I didn't catch what else was said. As soon as I had set the brake at school Liz was out of her seat and at my side.

"Grandma I want a new seat."

"Why is that?"

"She said her daddy is stronger than my daddy!!!!!!" I was trying not to laugh, really I was, but I must have cracked a grin. By now the other girl is right there too and the "but she said", "no you said", "I did not say" started." What ever was said about me obviously wasn't too upsetting. LOL. We all agreed that they are not going to be best friends (at least not this week) and I told them that they wouldn't have to sit together anymore.

So this morning I had her sit with Nikki. In my defense I had another group of students that weren't getting along and I thought Liz would be OK one morning back with the older kids. I heard a couple of other kids yell out her name a couple of times and I looked up just in time to see her doll go sailing into the seat behind hers! I'll find her a seat closer to me in the morning ;-)


  1. How fun to have your granddaughter on the bus and be able to see and hear her interact with others! I'm sure it was a special 45 minutes for you.

  2. That was such a cute post! "Oh Grandma!" Isn't it funny to think that was us once upon a time?

  3. She sure keeps you smiling :) Lucky you to see so much of your grandchildren. Our little guys were here this past weekend. We had fun gathering pumpkins and leaves. Grandpa and their dad showed them how to target shoot, and of course they had a tractor ride and enjoyed the kitties :)

  4. LOL - I love to listen to the little ones talk. Finding them the "right" seats can be a challenge though. Sounds like a blast.