Friday, November 14, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

I went for my first post-surgery check up today and was ready to get up and dance a jig when he took the splint off. If I didn't keep the foot in just the right position the split caused pressure and discomfort - especially at night. Poor John has only had one or two good nights sleep all week because I kept tossing and turning. Without the splint I'd be able to get around much easier and sleep better!

The doctor took new x-rays and things are starting to heal but the toe is not quite straight. That means that I may be looking at another bunion down the road. *sigh* At least I hope to have a few pain free years. He did tell me that he may still be able to fix the right foot later but I can't make any decisions about more surgery right now.

After he bandaged me all back up I thought I was set and then he told me he was going to give me a boot to wear. I got a size medium for my tiny little foot. I had been doing very well on the crutches - not any more! It weighs a ton. The boot comes up to the middle of my knee so it is hard to bend it. If I bend it so the foot is behind me the toe tends to drag on the floor. If I hold it out in front of me I loose my balance. Just after surgery I had no problem with the steps; today John had to help keep me from falling. I guess I'll figure it out in a day or two. Maybe it won't be as uncomfortable as the splint at night but somehow I doubt it. Next week, if all goes well, I should be able to start putting some weight on the heal.

With lots of time spent just sitting on the couch I've had lots of time to transcribe letters and have started a new series of them at Apple's Tree. Enough Apple Whine, John made steak for dinner and I intend to enjoy it!


  1. Goodness, that boot does look huge! You have to wear it to bed?? It certainly doesn't sound like fun.....for either of you! I hope you both manage to get some decent sleep soon.
    Be careful on the steps!
    How nice to have a husband who cooks. I'm sure the steak was delicious. A little Apple whine is OK considering the circumstances :)

  2. Apple, you and I are in the boot...errrr, boat. I have my left arm in an awkward padded sling because of my shoulder surgery....something I'll have to wear for 6 weeks, ugh!

    I think I'd rather have foot surgery. I have to keyboard with one hand. I'm still in my hospital gown, because it's impossible to wear any top over this thing while my dressings are on. They come off on Monday, when I can finally bathe. Dressing myself, bathing my self, washing and styling my hair, shaving and using deodorant are all impossible right now.

    We're a real pair, aren't we? ;-)

  3. Hi Kerri,
    I kept him awake until the wee hours last night and then I slept in after he got up. I cracked up at the thought of him getting out there and planting the last of the bulbs but you know what? I know he would if I asked him to. He did put together the shrub protector I am supposed to try this winter and review in the spring. I had this done now hoping that I'd be off the crutches before the snow starts piling up. I hope I'm not sledding down the steps tomorrow!

    Six weeks in the sling and you only get two off from work? You're right that with the foot I can get lots of typing done! Although I imagine that you type just as fast with one hand as I do with two. I hope that after Monday things get easier for you and that your family gives you lots of TLC.

  4. Your foot and mine could be twins! (back in the walking boot again!)
    Hope you feel a bit better each day.

  5. If your tiny foot has a boot bigger than Santa's, I hate to think what would be needed to encase my enormous feet.
    Apple, can you balance enough to take a photo out of a window if your dear husband plants the bulbs? It would make a sweet post!
    Sure hope you both get some sleep soon - can't heal well without the ZZZZZZZ's.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. Susie - I really hope this is the last time in the boot for you!

    Annie - If John plants my bulbs I will get a picture. I'm actually hoping for a snow free week in December so I can do it.

    Thanks for your good wishes!