Friday, November 07, 2008

Big Foot

Surgery went well (I hope!) We had to be in Syracuse at 6:30 and I was home about 10:30. I have very little pain, except just after I've been up on the crutches so my plan is not to get up any more often than I have to. When I had the other foot done John was working but since he's home now he's been a very good sport about waiting on me ;-)

Wednesday was a very tough day. It is going to take three people to cover my two routes. One of the regular drivers will pick up my secondary kids and another will cover my elementary both morning and afternoon and I think they are both looking forward to the overtime but they will be putting in very long days. My secondary kids will be taken home by whom ever is available each day. My elementary kids had a melt down on Wednesday. I ended up staying late writing discipline reports. It's rare for me to take any time off at all so to be out six weeks or more will be very frustrating and full or worry for me.

Wednesday evening our house was rocked by a small explosion and this wasn't the first time. My neighbors bring home the rubbish from their business, pile it up in their back yard and burn it. They must use a lot of gasoline to get the fire going and that is what we hear and feel. You may not be able to tell from this picture (taken from my back steps) but the fire is huge and the flames were higher than their house; it is still burning 36 hours later. I would certainly never have this large a fire so close to mine! (OK, I would not be burning rubbish in my backyard to begin with!!!! Lots of folks around here have burn barrels in their yards and I have no problem with that.) The building you can see at the far left is my garage.

In trying to get everything done I never got this picture posted. These were our only Trick or Treater's again. They had already been out in Angie's mom's neighborhood and were tired by the time they got here. I hear they still have lots of candy left. They were here yesterday and quite unimpressed by my bandage.


  1. I hope you have a speedy recovery Apple!

    Gee, waited on for 6 weeks... hmmm. That part sounds good!

    The fire in the nearby yard would give me the creeps for sure. Fires aren't allowed in our neighborhood, except in fire pits or patio pits. But it never fails, someone always has to burn the leaves they raked and bring the fire department with sirens screaming.

    I hope you're dancing the Polka in no time!

  2. First on your recovery, I hope it is swift and uneventful and you feel much better soon.

    On the fire and explosion. Does the fire company come out on things like that there? They do here and will stop the burners if what they are doing is dangerous. I feel bad for you having something like that so close. Take care!

  3. Apple, I hope your recovery time is relaxing and that you heal up well and soon. I'm enjoying the new set of letters you're posting to your other blog.


  4. I hope it goes quickly and your arm pits don't get to soar from the crutches. Maybe you shouldn't walk around too much....aren't you glad John is such a nice guy?

  5. I can imagine you chafing at the bit with six weeks of forced inactivity. I feel for you! It sounds like a very long time. I hope your recovery progresses smoothly and quickly. John is a good and patient hubby :)
    The neighbor's fires would make me very nervous. Is it legal for them to do that?
    Your little trick or treaters are looking very cute :)

  6. Apple, Best of luck with the crutches and here's hoping you have a speedy recovery! Six weeks of not having to go to work, hmm, wonder if you'll feel like working on your genealogy?

    Neighbors like yours would certainly be a bit frightening. I'm surprised that they are allowed to burn trash like that...

  7. Apple,

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery, enjoy the time off you have, it will be over before you know it!

    Living in the city, I don't have to worry about fires like this, thank goodness. I would go crazy!


  8. Thank you all!

    I'm not sure what to do about the neighbors. Their fires are not legal but I'll be living next to them for a long time yet.