Saturday, December 06, 2008


It was great to see my brother and his family at Thanksgiving. Dallas caught me on video as I came in on crutches and hopefully that section of video has been erased! That was the last day that I used the crutches.

The day before Thanksgiving I ended up with a toothache. It was some better by the time we left for County Girls and I was able to visit and eat but between that and my foot I certainly wasn't at my best. B and the boys didn't end up being able to make it because they're heater broke down and B spent the day trying to fix it. After we got home he came over and borrow our electric heaters. The boys went to their other grandmother's for the day.

Bean and her family came. Twig was playing with some of Ron's toy tractors. I don't know how he knew it was almost time for them to leave but all of a sudden he started dropping the tractors down the front of his shirt. It was hilarious! He was none too happy when he realized that the tractors would not being going home with him.

John and I both had dentist appointments on Tuesday. I have an abscess so a root canal is in my near future. I get to take antibiotics until then. It really hasn't hurt too much since then.

Wednesday we had great weather so we were able to go to Mom's for the morning. While John did her shopping I got a much need haircut! The weather had really been keeping me from getting out so it was great to be out two days in a row.

Friday I went back to the doctor. My foot is not healing as fast as should; there is still more bruising than there should be. But I am done with the walking boot and back into sneakers!!! I went shopping with Bean that evening and had to wear the boot because I'd be standing so long but I drove the car for the first time in a month and that was very liberating.

Today the boys were here and they (mostly Alex) helped to decorate the tree. John brought it in the day after Thanksgiving but I just didn't feel like decorating it. Country Girl brought Mom's ornaments over and we divided them up and I will add some of them to the tree later.

I've been doing lot's of online shopping but that's about all. Now that I'm mobile again I hope to haul myself out of this funk that I've been in the last few weeks.


  1. I hope it soon feels completely better...meanwhile online shopping is a really fine concept! Take care!

  2. Apple, you've had a bit of a rough trot, as they say in Australia, but I'm glad to hear you're back in sneakers, and the pain in your tooth has receeded.
    Glad you had a nice TG with the family in spite of the pain.
    I'm chuckling about the little tractor 'thief' :)
    I hope you feel more like your old self soon!

  3. Was being able to drive again a big thrill, Apple? Just so you know you can still do it!

    Hope the dentist stuff goes okay, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose