Sunday, February 08, 2009


Sprout's birthday party was today and after greeting each of her guests she'd yell "More Presnts!!!" It was very cute. And no time was wasted after everyone was there; she got right to it. She got a play kitchen from her parents earlier in the week so she was thrilled with this little skillet filled with food.

Now most kids do not get all that excited about clothes but she couldn't wait and immediately had to put on her new t-shirt as soon as she opened it. If you look closely you'll she that she is holding two identically wrapped gifts. When she saw there were two she promptly handed one over to her brother for him to open. She is not known for sharing so it was very sweet.

Twig didn't seem to care what was in the package, he just had fun tearing the paper.

This is the look Alex gives me when I'm annoying him ;-)

Twig was in constant motion and happy the entire time we were there. I bet he was very over-tired at bedtime.

Here she is in her new clothes and headband. Her hair is always in her face but she hates to have it up. She loved the sit and spin, no sharing there! She also stuffed her pockets full of play food so that Twig couldn't run off with it. lol

This is Mike and B plying look away just as I get ready to take a picture. Check out those smirks!

They finally tiered of the game and let me have a good one. I have 10 or so to delete now.

Bean made ziti and a big pot of sauce with sausage and meatballs. It was great but we all made sure to save room for cupcakes!


  1. I don't know why the girls all have that stage with their hair in their eyes/face. I can remember my mother telling me to "get that hair out of your eyes", and I can remember telling all three of my girls to do so. GD1 got tired of hearing it and cut the front of her hair off at the scalp, it took 5 months to grow out into regular length bangs! Oh, well, they are cute anyway!

  2. Looks like such a happy time! All your grandchildren are so cute :)

  3. With all that snow it's a good thing so many of your family's birthdays are in winter, Apple - a little extra warmth from all the candles!
    Thanks for sharing - the kids are great.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. I always enjoy your family pics. The little ones sure do love to open presents, don't they? You have such a cute bunch :)
    At least Mike and B didn't pull faces at you like my crew often do. Trying to get a good family shot is brutal :)
    We loved the sunshine today, but it was really cold outside. I found tiny snowdrops with buds forming. Spears of daffs and a few tulips are showing too. Yay! You should see grass soon :)