Thursday, February 05, 2009

Birds and Trials


Kerri has some amazing shots on her blog, Colors of the Garden. And Onondaga Lake has really made a comeback. The lake was so bad when I was a kid I never thought I'd see the day when eagles would take up residence or other wildlife either.


I have been following the Stacy Castor trial down in Syracuse with great interest. The jury returned a verdict of guilty this morning. Murder trials usually only hold a passing interest for me but in this case one of my kids knows someone who was connected to the family. My opinion right along was that she was guilty and I'm glad that the trial is now over.

I am also following the Alan Jones murder trial which is still in the preliminary stages. He is accused of killing his 11 year old step-sister. The family lived less than two miles from me, although I never met them. Then there is another trial coming up also involving the death of a child and I know some people that are really being affected by it all. I hope 2009 sees an end to my ever following these types of crimes again.


  1. I also loved seeing Kerri's bird photos!
    We're following one criminal trial here with great interest. (not murder though)
    A murder trial is particuarly heart wrenching.

  2. Thanks for the mention and the link, Apple.
    It's great to see that the eagles are at the lake. I'm amazed at their size.
    That's a lot of murder trials for one small area. Yes, let's hope 2009 brings fewer incidents of violence. Nasty stuff, and heartbreaking for all involved.