Tuesday, March 03, 2009


We're having yet another beautifully sunny day, but it is cold! The windchill at work this morning was well below zero. The nor'easter missed us - yeah! The lake effect it left in it's wake missed us too - yeah!

Despite the snow I am seeing some signs of spring. Almost all of the snow is gone now at Mom's. I walked along her front bed and the tips of her daffodils are just starting to poke through. I never would have even looked for them if Kerri hadn't left a comment that hers were just starting too. The snow here has compacted and shrunk and there was probably even a little bit of melting last week.

Another sign of spring is the two high school girls I picked up this morning wearing flip flops and the middle-schooler who decided a tee-shirt was all that was needed with sub-zero windchill. It is March now after all!

The kids were good yesterday on the bus but I had a co-worker blow up at me and I'm still at a loss as to why. It's not the first time they've blown up at me and probably won't be the last. I guess I need to learn to give what I get rather than just letting myself be upset for the rest of the day week.

Mom was in good spirits yesterday and had completed a rather difficult puzzle and quite pleased with herself. John didn't go with me because his sister, Ann, has been quite ill and he had to take her to the doctor. The doctor sent her to the emergency room and she ended up being admitted for further tests. They don't seem to know yet what is wrong with her and she is having more tests today.

So I had the four eldest grandkids for dinner last night by myself. We've been having some trouble with the oven off and on over the last few months and of course last night it wasn't in the mood to work right so I didn't get dinner on the table until after 6:00. The kids were disappointed that John wasn't here so that they could play on his computers. I could have gotten them out for them but the whole point of kids night is to have them get together and play with each other so I "made" them play UNO with me. It took the younger two a couple of hands to figure out what they needed to do but we all ended up having a good time and we finished up with a game of LCR.

This morning one of the elementary kids was quite upset that another student was "eavesdropping." I guess we need individual compartments on the bus so one pair of 8 year olds can't hear what the pair of 9 year olds is talking about! A first grade boy was hurt when an older student laughed at him for wearing purple gloves. I pointed out that he was smart enough to wear gloves, unlike the older kid and that my son often wears pink which Nikki and Liz agreed with so he was back to his happy self. If that's the worst I have to deal with today it will be a good day!


  1. We saw some little sproutlings over at the library last week, hooray!!

  2. Sorry about the issues with the co-worker. I struggle with those at times also - it's never easy to know how best to respond.

    I've had a high school girl wear flip flops most of the school year - makes me chuckle to see her in the snow and flip flops.

    Have a great day.

  3. I think yesterday and today's weather has been some of the coldest we've had all winter. That wind is straight from the arctic. Flip flops and a T-shirt? That's sheer madness! I'm wearing layers in the house!
    You've still got way more snow than us. Sorry. I don't think it'll melt in these temps!
    I'm glad you found daffs peeking through at your mom's. Thanks for the link :)
    I hope they find out how to treat John's sister and that she will improve quickly once they do.
    Stay warm if you can!

  4. I have some flowers popping up too. They always come up way to early, die off and then re-bloom in August. They just don't get the weather. :)

    Be glad it was just a glove issue. I had a girl who got on this morning crying because her grandma's dog died last night. :(

  5. Hopefully the cold snap ends tomorrow. If the temps hit the 30s I'll be out in shirtsleeves. I won't go as far as flip flops but my rubber barn boots should do.

    My frustration with the cold was tempered a bit yesterday when I got some nice icy photos. But now - let the melting resume.

  6. threecollie - I'm hoping to find something here in a couple of weeks.

    Edith - For right now I'm just avoiding the coworker. It hit 30 today and there was a parade of shorts and t-shirts on the sidewalk at the middle school. lol

    Kerri - I layer and snuggle under a throw at home. Ann was released from the hospital today and seems much better.

    Heather - I wonder if you have a fall blooming variety of crocus?

    I feel bad for your little girl. I hate starting the day like that. :(

    WiseAcre - It only hit 30 here today. I think it will be warm enough tomorrow that I may get by with one less layer. I'm counting on major melting the rest of the week!