Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Technical Difficulties

While we were in Florida I had computer access for just a half hour so I checked my blogs to see if I had any new comments. This blog came up fine however when I tried to look at Apple's Tree all of my posts had disappeared. I chalked it up to a very slow connection. When I was talking to my sister on Sunday she complained that she had been having trouble accessing both blogs.

Yesterday I was blog hopping and came upon this screen. Amanda's posts at A Tale of Two Ancestors were missing just like mine had been last week.

As I continued on through my reader I tried to access Mona's, Itawamba Connections and this time there was an error message. grrrrr

On Blogger's "Known Issues" page I found the following:

I checked just now and the issue is still unresolved. So know that I have been trying to visit and leave comments. Hopefully blogger will have this figured out shortly. I was able to comment this morning but the letters to type for word verification were MIA. This has happened with blogger off and on for as long as I can remember. Simply submit your comment and it will then bring up the letters for verification as if you had typed them wrong the first time.

On a happier note, I am loving the new followers widget. For awhile before, the "follow this blog" link was either broken or missing altogether so now I am able to add myself to blogs I missed before, even if I can't comment!


  1. A few days ago I was having the same problem reading other blogs and some problem with my own. Thanksfully it seems to have resolved itself, but I did back up the blog on my hard drive and will soon move it to my external hard drive. I also have been moving a lot of things to my flash drive which I have dedicated one to genealogy and one to photography and one with all the rest.

  2. I'm overdue to back mine up. I do have all my posts in my email but I really should get it onto my external too.