Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poor Robin

I was very excited to spot a pair of robins in the yard today but I was dumbfounded as to why they'd visit here! The snow is taking it's sweet time melting. It's been quite warm the last couple of days and we do have a couple of spots where we can see the grass in the backyard. We sent the boys out to play yesterday and they thought it was great that we still have so much snow. They especially liked walking along the snow bank in front of the window which made them so tall they were looking down on me sitting inside on the couch.

The moon was pretty last week and I tried to get a couple of pictures, none of which turned out well. There's an annual photo contest for school bus pictures but I think I need to stick to daylight shots. I'm not liking the time change at all.


  1. I hate changing the time too, but I really like your bus photo. cool the way you caught the lights...really set a mood with it.

  2. I hate time changes as well - this year has been extra hard because it went back to being so dark in the mornings during route time. And don't get to bed nor do we have supper on time. ah well...guess we'll adjust.

  3. That robin is going to have to work hard to find a worm in all that snow!
    I'm finally getting a bit more used to the time change, but it's so dark in the morning!