Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait

It's been a couple of boring days. Tuesday I had my annual physical and I was assigned a mid morning time which meant time to kill. I went and checked out the new Hobby Lobby store that opened down in Clay. They have very nice stuff - hopefully they'll have very nice sales too. I found lots of things I'd like for the garden and some pretty fabrics. I showed up for my physical right on time and the four ahead of me were still there. So I waited........

We've had several days of heavy rain that have washed away some of the snow. The temperature is supposed to drop until the weekend and we may get some fresh flakes so I'm still waiting for the snow to be gone.

I've enjoyed following the Iditarod but we're at the 24 hour layover, the first of three mandatory rests at a checkpoint. Everyone seems to be stopping at either Takotna or McGrath so more waiting. *Except for Martin Buser! Buser blew through Takotna about three hours ago. Bold move!? Time will tell. During this layover the times will be adjusted to make everyone even from the staggered start, so all but the last musher will spend more than 24 hours.

All at Takotna
  • 6th - Jeff King
  • 12th - Aliy Zirkle
  • 22nd - Ryan Redington
  • 23rd - Robert Bundtzen
  • 27th - Allen Moore


  1. Your snow is leaving a lot slower than ours. The last was gone a week or so ago. Hope your mushers move up more....

  2. Rain came here too, but no snow to wash away. The front dropped temps 40 degrees and the rain is making a little dent in our drought.
    Apple, there's something funny about the race through snow in the Iditarod being a sign of spring for you!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose