Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blow the House Down!

Yesterday was cool but sunny and I spent all day working in the garden. Today was not so nice. I was out early pulling plants to take to a plant swap this afternoon. It was cold and windy.

The swap was great and I was in a good mood until I got home. The wind continued to increase all afternoon. I pulled in the driveway and just about cried at the sight of my brand new screen room.
I thought the wind had ripped it down and it probably would have if John hadn't taken the canvas down. The wind blew so hard it knocked the flower heads off of these iris.

Even here in Snowville it is supposed to be safe to plant after Memorial Day. Our new vegetable garden was planted yesterday. We should have waited until next weekend I guess. We're under a frost warning and a FREEZE advisory tonight!!! So here's what the vegetable garden looks like tonight.

Four weeks of school to go. I'm really counting on summer to be here by then!

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  1. There have been days that I was sure the whole house would blow away! I've picked my lawn chairs out of the garden several times already this year. By the way, my bee balm is looking great!