Sunday, June 07, 2009

Garden Path

I won't go into details of the week past. Instead I'll just say that I was busy all week and felt like I got nothing done. There are three more weeks of school left but the kids and I are all ready for vacation to begin. Some of my older elementary kids that know they'll be on a different bus next year are really testing my patience.

John did manage to get the screen room put back together. The weather was just perfect yesterday and I could have spent the entire day there reading a good book.

We haven't had much nice weather when I've had free time lately so instead of relaxing with a book I decided to take on my "Nightmare Bed." It doesn't look very scary in this picture, does it? I love the mass of ox-eyed daisies and the lupines have really done well out here while the ones by the house are looking sad. The lemon lilies look happy but there's a ton of grass to be pulled in with them.

Here's a longer view from the far side. I had originally laid out a nice path that the weeds and some of the self-sown plants obliterated. Even in this picture you can see that I'm winning the latest battle but with the type of weeds out there I imagine the war will rage on for years.

I had chores in other parts of the garden but the majority of the day was spent digging weeds and putting in a new path on the left side and under the new arch. Maybe I can work on the path to the right during the week. Right now it's mostly grass but there area few plants that will need to be moved.

We decided to try a vegetable garden this year. We've planted tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers and watermelon so far plus we have a row of strawberries. We're killing the grass on both ends to have more room next year. We covered the plants when there was frost expected but we must have had a bit of frost on other nights as there is some damage but the plants look like they'll recover.

Despite the frost it won't be long until we have our first berries!

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  1. I only have 3 areas that aren't nightmares at the moment, so your garden looks really good to me :) The lupines and shasta daisies are really pretty together.
    I see the first 2 lemon lilies are open this morning in my driveway garden. I'm amazed that the nasty wind beheaded your irises. How sad.
    We've had very few nice days and hardly any without wind it seems. Like you, I'm expecting summer to show up soon, and I hope she behaves better than spring!
    Planting containers is progressing very slowly with work and other things getting in the way. Weeding, edging and thinning have been almost non-existent...hense the nightmare gardens. Need more plants? I have about a million to share ;)
    I'm so glad that John got to your nice new screen room before the wind demolished it.
    R just finished planting the last of the pumpkins and squash. If they all grow we'll have plenty to give away!
    I hope your new veggie garden grows well.
    Our strawberries are nearly ready too. Yum!
    Enjoy yours, and I hope you get some weeds pulled while the soil is still damp after all that rain we had last night!
    Meanwhile we'll both be counting the days!