Friday, July 10, 2009

State of the Garden

My sister has pointed out that I hadn't been posting much about my garden. There are areas that I am loving right now but there are more areas that I'm not!

I'm happy with butterfly hummingbird garden between the house and the garage. I initially envisioned masses of butterflies flitting through and instead I see an occasional one fly through. The hummingbirds are the real entertainment.

I'm very happy with the garage side except that it looks like there is an empty area in the center along the wall. I have cannas that are taking forever to get going. They took so long that I gave up on them and planted zinnias and now I have to move them - or just have an interesting mess. Hollyhocks do not get tall in this bed so I'm looking for a perennial that will get tall and not clash with the coneflowers and black-eyed susans that will be blooming shortly.

I'm not as happy with the house side. I planted the red lillies thinking they were the same as the ones on the other side. I love them! but they really need to be moved toward the back. I also love the combination of the red beebalm, gloriosa daisies and shata daisies but they need to be mixed up more because the daisies are all taller than the beebalm and are in the front. There are also a couple of big holes that I won't show you right now that I need a plan for.

The nightmare bed is once again looking scary but I'm still working on taming it. The milkweed smells wonderful so I don't mind working out there right now :-)

The front of the house has become overgrown and just blah. I have major plans for a makeover but will I get it done? Stay tuned.

The back and the other side of the house are so bad I won't even show them to you. They do contain some very pretty flowers however so here are just a couple.


  1. Thanks Apple for sharing photos of your garden beds.

    I need to take photos of mine so that I can decide whether I need to make changes for next year.

  2. Beautiful. Everything looks great.