Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vanishing Apple

I can hardly believe that it's been nearly three weeks since I posted anything. June is such a busy month here yet certainly there has been time where I could have written something quickly. Quite simply, I needed a blogging break I guess. More than that I needed a break from the computer. All winter and most of the spring I spent 8-12 hours a day parked on the couch with my computer on my lap.

After we moved into the new garage I started having lots of aches and pains, was winded easily and just was not feeling well so I finally broke down and went to my Nurse Practitioner. She took blood to check my thyroid, ordered a pulmonary function test and bullied me into going for a very overdue mammogram. After all the test results were in it was learned that I have very high cholesterol. The only other thing wrong with me is that I am fat. While I was relieved that there is nothing wrong I found the news very depressing. I have always been heavy and I know the only way that I personally will loose weight is by lots and lots of exercise. I have 60 pounds to loose but I'd be very happy to loose 35. There have been three other times in my life where I lost a lot of weight. When I was a teenager I went to live with my father on a farm and chores did the work for me. Twelve years ago I spent several hours a week in front of the TV cursing Richard Simmons. Five years ago we bought this house and spent 12 hour days working to make it habitable.

I have elected to take the summer off. I hope to spend a lot of time working in the garden, moving plants around and expanding beds. While we've been here five years now there are still things that I haven't done yet and some of the rooms already need repainting. I will be moving things around so that I have room to do aerobics. I'm tired just thinking about it.

I do have some fun things planned for the summer. There will hopefully be several family picnics, I will be going to the Roadeo next week and the grandkids will keep me busy. John and I will be spending a week away too.

Hopefully I can get back in the habit of writing with a minimum of Apple whine.


  1. Good luck losing the weight. I hope for myself that gardening and chasing around our 3 year old will help me get into better shape and shed a few pounds too. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Apple,
    I was going to email you today to see if you were ok. I hope you have a great summmer and return to
    blogging recharged and feeling better!


  3. If you lose only 1 pound a week in a year it will be 52. Air for vegtables and fruit, the fiber will help lower the cholesterol and make you feel full. Try to go for a walk every day.

    I have been watching and lost 8 pounds in 10 weeks.

  4. I'm on the same page, Apple. I need to lose weight this summer too. I've joined to help. Want to join too and we can be weightloss buddies?

  5. I hear ya with the weight... I've been eating less and exercising more (well, not "more" but rather just exercising, period LOL) and am happy to say that I've lost almost 25 pounds since the first of the year. Slow but steady. Still have at least 25 more to go. Good luck!

  6. It's a constant battle, isn't it? Luckily, gardening is good exercise, and enjoyable too...a much nicer alternative to those aerobic exercises in front of the TV :) I hope it helps you to lose weight. Of course, we badly need a break from the rain and cloudy skies. That's enough to make anyone feel miserable.
    At least the weeds pull easily, and all those perennials that need thinning are easy to dig. I'm headed out to do some of that shortly before the next round of thunderstorms shows up. There's still so much to plant, and not much room to do it until I get some thinning done.
    Wishing you and John warm sunny days, Apple. I'm glad you're taking the summer off. You deserve a break. :)