Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another week has flown by!

Work kept me very busy this week. We are starting now to work on our Safety Expo for next October. I'm hoping that by starting earlier we'll be able to really expand and that I'll be more organized in the fall! A couple of people volunteered to take charge of sub-committees but I still have to cajole at least a couple more.

We went to Mom's a couple of times and I had to go for another test. On my one free day during the week I had a very pleasant morning visiting the gardens of two friends and they came all the way out here to see mine.

Yesterday was the first Epilepsy Walk held in this area. Not really knowing what to expect I took just Mike and Nikki and we headed out to support a friend. For a first time event it went very well. Most of the kids there were younger than Nikki so next year we'll make it a family event. They had games and crafts for the kids, raffles, food and music. I was worried that I'd have a hard time making it all the way around the loop that we walked but I took it slow and wasn't too sore when I finished :-) The kids were way ahead of me but I could see them so I let them do their own thing. It was actually nice having just the two of them as they got along well and I didn't have to deal with the bickering that happens here at the house. After the walk we went to the dairy for ice cream cones and then went to see Jae's new apartment.

I have a couple of dozen chores that need doing but the dust isn't going anywhere so I think I'll just head out and play in the garden.


  1. It does sound like a busy week. The flowers are beautiful!

  2. Your lupines are more plentiful than mine. I just had a few this year, but I have some saved seeds started (last year's) to ensure more for next year. Your peonies bloomed a bit earlier than mine. I actually had my first bloom on the 15th but forgot to post it. That's a beautiful shot of the flowers. Kids too :) They're always adorable!
    Can't believe you walked with that foot. You're a trooper! Glad you got to share gardens with friends. That's such a pleasure :)
    John, the day you commented I came home to a lovely bowl of freshly picked strawberries from our garden, thanks to R. We had eaten our first 2 berries the day before. Very sweet and delicious! Not as many as last year. R thinks some got frosted. Hope you're getting lots!
    Apple - only 3 more days for you! Hopefully, I'm done :) HAPPY SUMMER!! If it ever stops raining ;)