Monday, August 10, 2009

Late Blight

Summer has finally arrived in Snowville. It's always a short season here but this year has been ridiculous. It looks like we'll have temperatures in the 80's all week - along with more rain.

The weather men have been saying that July was a bit below average for rainfall. Hunh? I went out and bought a rain gauge because I'm certain they are wrong.

This was our first year planting a vegetable garden. Granted it's a tiny garden but it's a start. We're off to a discouraging start as the constant rain brought late blight to our garden. We had tons of tomatoes on the plants but we had yet to harvest one. :(

Everything I've read said that we needed to pull our plants and destroy them so that is what we did today.

One of the many toads in the garden this year.


  1. Isn't the blight depressing? My plants are affected and I may have to pull them. We picked some green tomatoes though for fried green tomatoes.

  2. Hi Apple,
    It's nice to catch up with you. Summer has been so short, hasn't it? This drab, cool, windy weathy is making me feel gloomy. I'm so not ready for fall.
    It seems that hardly anyone in the northeast escaped the blight. Ross pulled our plants yesterday and burned them in the wood furnace. Let's hope for better luck next year.