Friday, August 07, 2009

Time Flies

We've been home from vacation for a week now and I feel like summer is slipping away. I took the summer off so I could tackle several large projects that I've put off and I haven't started on a single one! I guess I should have worked after all - I'd be finishing up next week.

I spent way too mush time this week working on my family tree. I made some progress but I need to put it aside for the few good weeks we have left, unless I can find time to get to a courthouse or two to look for records.

Mike and Alex were here until late the other night and we had our first fire of the year. I was was nice but still a little cool to enjoy sitting out there for me.

The cool rainy summer is not making for a happy garden. It's been great that I haven't had to water but everything is blooming late. I planted zinnia seeds at the beginning of June and I haven't had a flower yet. I had big plans to redesign three beds and I did finally start on that. If the weather holds for the weekend I should get a lot more done!


  1. Beautiful flowers...thanks for sharing. My summer has gone way too fast starts for us on Wednesday.

    Have a great day

  2. Next week seems awfully early to be going back! We don't start until the Wed after Labor Day. Of course we're still working through the last full week in June.

    I hope you have a smooth first day!