Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mixed News

I guess I'll start with the bad news. My Uncle Bill passed away Monday. His death was expected but that doesn't make it any easier for Mom. I wrote a little about him already so I won't repeat that here.

One of my nieces just moved home with her parents to continue her education. Another niece just let us know that she will be moving half way across the country. I'm happy for her and her family but we seem to be scattering further and further away. I am finding that on Facebook I can keep up with the younger generations comings and goings.

Sprout got to meet with her pre-K teacher and she loved it! I think being in the elementary school will be great for her.

Mom is actually using her new walker! We're planning to do some major furniture rearranging at her house this weekend to make it easier for her to get around with it.

I have finally started on painting the office. I've been at it a week now. There have been several interruptions but I can't seem to work as long as I did 5 years ago when we bought the place. I'll do a whole post with the before and after - assuming I ever finish ;-?

A small woodchuck has burrowed under the house, behind the back steps. I'm not one to kill a critter just because it annoys me but he has got to go. He sees my garden as his own personal smorgasbord. I guess I need to buy a trap unless someone has another suggestion. I'd be happy if he'd just move out to the woods where he belongs. Heck, if he needs a roof over his head he can move under the shed.

I stopped at work yesterday to pick up my mail and they were starting to pave the employee lot. Yeah! No more nails in my tires.

The mail I picked up was my score from the Roadeo back in July. I was pleasantly surprised considering that I felt I totally blew it. I finished 22nd out of 41 so not good but not in the bottom third where I thought I'd be either. :-)

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  1. Sorry for your loss...seems like so much of that kind of news is going around lately.