Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catch 22 in Michigan

State budgets are tight all over. This story out of Michigan is just unbelievable.
Michigan State Police informed school administrators by letter this week that all 11 state school bus inspectors will be laid off as of Oct. 31. Without certification from inspectors, school districts cannot legally operate buses.

Buses can continue to operate only until their inspection sticker runs out. So some buses will be good for almost a year but others will have to stay off the road or run illegally as early as November 2. School districts have been told to seek the advice of their own attorneys. There is mention of a possible amendment to the law making the inspections optional.

So if inspections are optional I would assume most school districts would continue their own bus inspection programs and do all they can to insure the safety of their students. But with school budgets tightening I see an awful temptation on the part of a few to cut corners if no one is looking over their shoulder.

I'm sorry Michigan, this is NOT an area where you should be looking to cut your budget.


  1. My grandkids ride a Michigan school bus. Yikes.

  2. From what I've been reading they've pulled this before in Michigan. Hopefully they'll play their politics and then put the money back in the budget. School buses are still the safest mode of travel for kids!