Friday, October 23, 2009

Spout Takes the Bus

Sprout started preschool this year but since we don't transport the pre-k kids on our regular routes, Bean has to drive her to and from school. They do get to ride on our buses for field trips though.

They got to go all the way across town to the pumpkin farm.
(Across town takes about five minutes.)

There were other fun activities too.

The ride back wasn't nearly as exciting.

As much as I would have liked to be the driver for her first field trip it wasn't my turn. Instead I took Twig to a fund-raising breakfast back at the garage. We had a good time but I forgot to take pictures so here are a couple Bean shared with me.


  1. They are cute, and it looks like everyone had a good time.

  2. You have such cute grandkids :)
    I've caught up with all your recent doings tonight. You've been a busy girl! Glad the safety expo went so well and that you ended up with so much help.
    Glad also to know your mom isn't shrinking :)
    I hope her therapy goes well. You've got your hands full. No wonder you sometimes come home cranky.
    I find this cold weather is making me cranky. Thank heavens for a bit of sunshine this past week, and yesterday was a gift! Too bad about today though. It's been pouring here tonight.
    I'm still working on emptying containers and cleaning up the garden.
    Ross has had cataracts removed on both eyes during the past 15 days. It's been a lot of running around but he's doing well and enjoying his new and improved vision. He says I still look like a teenager. He's not always a very honest person ;)
    I hope you have a bit of a rest now that the expo's over.