Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vote for Zoe

Local author, Laurie Halse Anderson, is trying to get her children's book into Cheerios boxes and needs your vote. You can read her post and then Vote! You'll find Zoe on the third page of the ballot.

The Cheerios Spoonfuls of Books program gets books into the hands of kids that might otherwise not have any. Be sure to look for the boxes next year and consider buying a few and donating them to your local food pantry.


  1. It is done. Good luck to her!

  2. Apple, I did not know this author was local to you when I posted this. My daughter, the middle school librarian, posted it first. It's the hair that we are attracted to, we are redheads, and our hair has a life of it's own. For people who don't know about hair with a life of it's own, it is here: I sure wish more were voting for that book.

  3. Marianne - Thanks! It would be very cool to see her book in a box at our local Big M.

    Pam - Laurie is a "country neighbor." She is better known for her young adult novels. I follow her mostly for her garden and snow posts so I almost missed this and feel badly that I didn't start voting earlier. It looks like a cute book and it will be in one of the girls stockings this year. Nikki is probably a bit too old for the book but she's our red. Just like mine, her red is fading over time :(

  4. Thanks, I voted!. Love to always have a chance to say what I would like to have my grandkids read.
    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my blog.