Sunday, December 06, 2009

December Blooms

We have had a very mild fall here. That, combined with the fact that I never got around to cleaning up the garden, has allowed some of my flowers to continue blooming into December! It does pay to be a lazy gardener (I'll pay in the spring, I'm sure!) These pictures were taken on Thursday.

Blanket Flower.
There are many blooms left.

I can't remember the name of this one.
It does look kind of Christmas-y, doesn't it?

Delphinium, bent over from the rain.
I think of these as delicate!


Also blooming are a few pansies, lamium, verbena and a couple of annuals I don't remember the names of. They aren't gorgeous blooms but I'll take whatever I can get!

Today it is snowing in Snowville. As of yesterday Dallas had had more snow than we had. It is supposed to warm up later so hopefully it will all melt and the few flowers that are left can shine for a few more days.


  1. I noticed a few days ago a couple of my annuals peaking back up too, and I had actually pulled all the dead plants out. I don't know where these new guys came from. I'm getting anxious for the snow. It's just not Christmas without snow here in Michigan.

  2. Wow. We don't have that, ours all froze down. Yours are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  3. We had a hard freeze into the mid-twenties last week, Apple, which knocked off the zinnias, cannas, decorative sweet potato vines and impatiens- think you have more annuals than I do right now!

    A couple of the roses kept going.

    Wishing you safe journeys around Snowville,

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. So pretty! Thank you for sharing. I don't get to see stuff like that down here in Texas.