Friday, December 11, 2009

A Red-runner First

So, I'm in town picking up at a house near the main intersection where there are three lanes. I'm in the far right lane, my red lights are flashing and both stop signs are deployed and flashing on the left side of the bus. There are a car and a pickup truck in the far, oncoming lane, stopped and waiting patiently.

I'm greeting the kids and just catch out of the corner of my eye in the mirror, a car flying up the middle, left turn lane. I grabbed the air horn cord and gave a long blast. The car never slowed and flew through the intersection making the left turn. Business as usual.

As soon as I canceled my lights the car in the other lane proceeded on his way. The pickup truck however suddenly made a U-turn or I should say attempted a U-turn in front of me. He had to back up a bit to make it and by the time he got straightened out the light was red so he was stuck. I hung back, not being sure what he was doing. As soon as the light changed again he hauled around the corner and took off in the direction my red runner had gone.

Did he forget something at home or was he chasing my red-runner? I had the impression the he was after the guy that ran my reds. What was his plan if he caught him!?

The kids and I continued on our way and were left wondering just what all that was about!

The view from my window is always interesting.


  1. I must have at least two or more autos' run my red lights a week. I have 8 stops on a highway. I have had teachers tell me that because I was on a highway they thought they didn't have to stop. People just don't know the law. I have gotten to the point that I just make sure the kids are safe.

  2. At this particular stop they run my reds fairly often so I am right at the curb looking out for the kids. I was just surprised that someone might chase them down. If the local police had their coffee in their car on the other corner they could probably write lots of tickets and boost the town coffers!