Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Still no Internet

Just a very quick update. To get internet here we have to either use AT&T DSL or Brighthouse cable. The homeowners association here manages the cable franchise and only has someone available to sign you up on Monday and Friday afternoons. Since we arrived on a Friday we wanted to see if we could get any TV stations with an antennae before we just committed to paying for cable. We were shocked at how clear the channels came in! We don;t get many channels but we haven't had cable in years so we won't miss it.

So over first weekend I called AT&T and got information from them about the internet. Armed with that information we went down and talked to the woman here about the cost of cable internet. AT&T had the better deal so we decided to go that way and headed home to sign up.

Once we got AT&T back on the phone it turned out that the price I had been quoted wasn't good for what we wanted after all. If the person I'd talked to originally had explained things correctly we would have signed up for cable. So, our next chance to sign up was last Friday, which we did. We're still waiting to here from Brighthouse as to when they will be coming to hook us up.

Lack of internet may not be a totally bad thing. We've been busy cleaning and putting our stamp on the place. We've moved furniture, hung curtain rods and curtains and I've done a bit of sewing. For the most part the weather has been warm and sunny so I've been sitting outside and reading in the afternoons.

There are over 1,100 homes here and only one small hot tub so I figured it would be busy all the time. So far every time we've gone we've it it to ourselves! It's a short walk there and I figure we'll spend lots of time there. Hopefully the pool will warm up soon.

John had a guy come and put new batteries in the golf cart. It runs but something isn't quite right so he has something to tinker with. Once he has it going so I'm sure it will get me back home I'll be exploring the neighborhood. Meanwhile I'm on the lookout for a used bike. Maybe I'll find one at the neighborhood garage sale coming up in a couple of weeks.


  1. Sounds like things are going OK, even without internet. Enjoy that hot tub. One of our cousins has a place in St. Cloud, not far from where I think you are, and they enjoy it greatly.

  2. Apple,
    I think of you, often because I remember you posting pictures of the snow covering your home up to your roof one year. Well, that's what we are dealing with, now!! YUCK!!
    We are going to live here till the darling graduates high school, but there is NO WAY I'm staying in this mess after that!!
    Have fun!!