Friday, February 04, 2011

A New Beginning

I had pretty much abandoned this blog. It seemed that all I had to write about was Apple whine – so I just stopped writing. Oh, there were some good things in the last few months but with pain came depression that over shadowed everything.

As of February 1st, I am officially retired! Last Friday we finally made it to our Florida home. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law had stocked the fridge and turned on the heat and water for us so all we had to do when we got here was to unpack the car and I am very grateful for that.

So where is here? We’re in the Orlando area in a senior golf community with over 1,100 residents. After living on a quiet acre in the middle of nowhere for the last several years I imagine I will have a lot of adjusting to do and lots of opportunity for Apple whine but I’m hoping to dump the whine and replace it with humor.

It will be at least another week before we have internet at the house so I may not be posting much during that time. The free wifi does not like blogger!

For anyone who is wondering what transpired from August thru January:

I spent the last couple of weeks of August limping and trying to recover some strength.

I went back to work just after Labor Day and had so much pain I went home and did nothing after each shift for a couple of weeks. The pain eased over time and I began to do more but not much more!

The Safety Expo at work in October kept me busy for weeks and was a success. A real bright spot!

At my follow up appointment with the doctor in late October I the swelling was finally down and I learned the source of my continuing pain – one of the screws was extended through so that I was walking on it with every step I took. Surgery was scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving to remove all screws and the plate.

Nothing much happened in November. My surgery was put postponed until mid December. We started planning our escape south.

After finally having the surgery the change was amazing. The color of my foot improved and there was less pain when walking. I also felt better in general. The doctor thinks that I was allergic to the metal in the plate! I believe it was poisoning my entire system.

The day after my surgery my husband informed me that he had a hernia, most likely the result of shoveling. In mid January he had surgery and recovered very quickly.

After his follow up appointment we closed up the house and jumped in the car. We had planned to spend one night at Mom’s and hit the highway south. Snow in the south delayed us another day but Mom was happy to have us stay an extra day.

Now that we’re up to date let the new adventure begin!


  1. I am SO glad to see you are back!! I have you in my feed reader and was waiting for some update.

    OMG Retired!! Florida!!! Are you staying in FL permanently? What will the grandkids do without you??

    I'm so glad your foot is better. I look forward to more updates.

  2. Welcome back! Sure hope you are feeling so much better and LOVING where you are living now! Congrats on retirement! It is awesome!

  3. I am glad for you. I am also planning retirement, and May 1st is my day. I do not have any moving plans at this time, it doesn't mean I won't but just not yet.

  4. Hope you have many wonderful new adventures in Florida!

  5. That explains so much, doesn't it? I'm referring to the likelihood that you were allergic to the metal in your foot. Thank goodness you got the metal out and are doing better now. I'm so pleased to hear that you're safely out of the snow and cold and are enjoying your new home in FL.

  6. Wow. You are a lucky duck! Enjoy the warmth of Florida. I look forward to hearing all about it, with a glass of Apply Whine if necessary. :)

  7. Welcome back. I've been wondering how things were going with you and what you were up to. Looking forward to hearing more. Glad you are feeling better.

  8. Apple!!! I am back, too! I will spend some time on your blog, figuring out what has happened, but we must catch up, soon!!
    I am sooo glad you are out of NY and snow! So awesome for you!!!

  9. Enjoy, you certainly deserve to.

  10. Thank you all. Hopefully I'll get internet at the house in the next week or so!