Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing Catch-up

June has really flown by and I spent most of it trying to get caught up on things. Now I'll try and get caught up here on my blog.

Sprout graduated from Kindergarten and we attended her end of the year concert. The kids sang their hearts out and were great! The behavior of the audience was deplorable. People talked throughout the entire performance and some thought it appropriate to chant or scream out their kids names. Despite that we had a good time as you can see from the picture I took afterwards.

Bean, Twig, Sil and Sprout

We've also been hosting kids night on Tuesdays and last week we still had many berries that needed picking. Mike wasn't interested and Nikki was home sick but the other four picked enough that there were some left after they'd had their fill ;-)

Bean, Liz, Sprout

Alex and Liz

Twig was more interested in walking through.

Sprout seemed to enjoy her time in the garden the most.


  1. Looks like fun in the strawberry bed.
    Graduations have become so out of control that a police presence is necessary at high school graduation ceremonies in Memphis. People bring in all sorts of noise makers and cause such a distraction. Such a shame!
    Happy 4th!

  2. Hello Apple....yesterday, I was going thru my blog and saw that you were the very first one who commented!
    So much has happened, since then, hasn't it??