Saturday, June 04, 2011

Today's Pretties

Lenten Rose / Hellebore

Clematis - variety unknown

Chives / Allium schoenoprasum

Gas Plant / Dictamnus

Geranium - variety unknown

Giant Solomon's Seal / Polygonatum


  1. About that gas plant... Does it stink?

  2. It actually doesn't have much scent at all, at least to me. I understand that if you hold a match near it it will shoot out a little flame. Since it's also called burning bush for I've decided not to test it out!

  3. Those are growing in Florida, Apple?? Perhaps you only live there part time? Lucky YOU!!

  4. Sissy - I'm back in NY for the summer. Not much opportunity for gardening in Florida, at least not yet! After a year of neglect the gardens here are in much better shape than they could be :-)

  5. Oh, I am so glad, Apple! We just got back from Florida and WHEW!! it is hot and smokey there!! Wildfires made the roads difficult to travel near New Smyrna!