Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Dolphin!

We went to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge today to do a little hiking and see the manatees. This was the first time we had set out to do any trail hikes walks since at least two surgeries ago. We stuck to a couple of easy trails and I did quite well. Next time we'll try something a little longer.

After our walks we went to the bridge over the Haulover Canal to see the manatees. We knew from our trips to Blue Springs that we'd be better off going on a cool day. WRONG! The water in the canal was too cool for them today. I'm not sure how well you'd be able to see them anyway, the water wasn't very clear. No matter, it was a beautiful day and we had brought along a picnic lunch. While we were sitting there eating, John asked if I could see the dolphin? Dolphin! Here?
Look, I got a picture and you can kind-of, sort-of tell what it is!

Here are a few other pics from our day.


  1. Nice. We saw one when we were at Jekyll Island, only the 2d time we have seen one there in all our trips. It must be a magic year!

  2. Wonderful! Love seeing the bridges that go up in FL...miss them. Maybe one day I'll live in Florida again.

  3. Miss seeing your FL photos..hope all is well!

  4. Apple, I have thought much about you this past year, as our darling took a scholarship to a school in Florida.
    Now I went back and read your blog, after being back and forth there most all autumn, I realize you must live close to her school!!!
    I hope you are well and that you are still loving your place in Florida!