Sunday, February 05, 2006

Exile Island

The new season of Survivor started on Thursday. They are in Panama again but if they are using the same locations as before, I certainly can’t tell. I always like the island seasons the best.

I LOVE the Exile Island twist. Who will find the hidden immunity idol? Who will convince the others that they have it when they don’t? Will having one person gone change the camp dynamics? I’m disappointed that they aren’t going to keep the four tribe set up at least another week.

As usual there are people that I like, people that I don’t and a bunch that I’m not sure who they are yet. I was in shock that Tina was voted out first. I understand the reasoning that she was stronger than her three teammates and they didn’t feel that they could beat her in head to head competition but how do they figure they’re going to fare in the team competition without her? They didn’t know that the tribes would be reshuffled this week.

I dislike Cirie, Melinda, Shane and Courtney already which means that they will probably be around awhile longer. I did like Cirie’s comment that people like her that sit a home on the couch should stay at home. Wish she’d followed her own advice! Melinda seemed clueless. Shane went from three packs a day to zip and didn’t think it would be a problem? Courtney is just too weird.

My early favorites are Terry, Danielle and Misty. This is the first season that I remember liking some of the younger women. None of the younger men made a good impression on me. They may do well in the competitions but they struck me as a group of idiots. They knew they were going to play Survivor and they don’t know how to build a shelter or start fire?

Hopefully the Fantasy Game will be up at CBS soon and that it will be better scored than previous seasons. I could use another hat!

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