Friday, October 27, 2006

Lizzie & I saw a Deer

I picked Lizzie up after work yesterday. As we were walking out of the garage I heard something in the woods. I looked just in time to see a doe bound a few yards and freeze. I grabbed Lizzie by the hand and started walking across the back yard. It seemed to have disappeared, it blended in so well. Lizzie was chattering away and as we got close to the edge of the yard the doe decided we were getting too close and took off in a wide circle. Liz got soooo excited. And I admit I did too! I've never been that close to a deer when I wasn't driving a vehicle and trying very hard to avoid it.

Nikki didn't come over yesterday because she and her mother went to the Cheetah Girls concert in Syracuse.

I don't get to spend much time with Lizzie alone. Conversations with her can be interesting. She told me that her Daddy's friend used to have a big head but it wasn't big anymore because he got a hair cut. She sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me but left off the last verse so I sang it to her. She informed me that I didn't know how the song went and sang it to me again the right way. I asked her how nursery school was going. She informed me that she doesn't go to nursery school; she goes to dance class and little kids school. She noticed the trees; "that tree has leaves grandma. That tree doesn't have any leaves but that one and that one do but nope that one doesn't have any, on & on & on. I asked her to sing me another song. LOL

Mike and Alex were already at the house when we got home. Mike was disappointed that Nikki wasn't there. The kids voted to have pizza but were asking for the mini cupcakes they could see on the counter before John & I had even started on supper. Lizzie didn't sit still for more than 30 seconds all evening. I get worn out just watching her.

We played LCR for awhile. It's the perfect game when you want something that moves quickly and doesn't take a long time to finish. It's perfect for four year olds but adults have fun with it too.

Today John & I went down to Mom's. I didn't get much done, just the laundry, vacuuming & shopping. I'm so far behind there. I really need to go down and spend a whole day doing nothing but clean. I'm a little frustrated with her. She could do quite a few things for herself; dusting, wiping the counters better, crushing her pills, etc. It would do her good to get out of the chair a little more. John brought in the mail for her so she won't even have to walk out to the street for two or three days and that is the only exercise that she gets. I still have to do something about finding her a new doctor and get her to agree to go.

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  1. Ross got close to a huge doe up on the hill when he was checking the property last weekend. I see them occasionally, but not up close. That would be so neat. I got really excited when I saw the pheasant in our yard. It's fun to see the wild creatures up close and personal.
    What wonderful fun you have with your grandkids. I wish ours were closer! We're going up for a birthday party next weekend (the oldest will be 5yrs old).