Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Finally! a break in the rain. I wasn't sure how long it would last so I went out and took a walk around. This foxglove just won't give up.

The woods are just dreary looking. I really need some sun to cheer me up. The skies have been grey for days. The fall colors this year have been very muted. The locust trees aren't even turning yellow/brown, they're just dropping their leaves.

These are supposed to be everbearing strawberries. We got almost no fruit from them this year. I hate to just toss them out, maybe they'll do better next year. I'm going to cut off the runners that have rooted on the ground and leave them. I don't know what to do with the jar though. I don't have room to bring it in the house. I don't want the pot to freeze and crack if I leave it outside. Any suggestions?

It's just too wet to do anything outside. I can't pull out the annuals, weed or rake. I'm sick of mud. We can't handle much more rain. The end of the island is underwater. Four of the flood gates are open. I haven't seen anything on the river at all. With all the problems tha canal has had this year the big boats we usually get late in the season probably headed up the lake to the St Lawrence Seaway. A couple of the areas that I drive through are in danger of flooding - again. But on the bright side we still haven't had any snow.


  1. It would seem to me that you could bring the pot in to the basement or a potting shed? If the strawberry goes dormant, it won't need a lot of watering. I wouldn't bring it all the way in, terra cotta won't take the temperature extremes....

    Is it in full sun? I know they need full sun to bear fruit!
    I hope you get some sun on your face soon! I am sorry about your yucky weather!

  2. Do you have a crawl space you could put the strawberry pot in? Or a garden shed? It would be a shame to lose that nice pot.
    I had a foxglove that rebloomed too. What a nice bit of late color that was.
    Maybe next year will be a bit drier and we'll have a more spectacular fall. What we did have was pretty though. It's all looking pretty gray now. Looks like another sunny day least to begin with. Yah!