Thursday, October 26, 2006


The sun was out yesterday afternoon for a little while and boy did it improve my mood. I stopped at the Hinmansville Bridge to watch the ducks for a few minutes. I also saw a blue heron but he was a bit camera-shy. This bridge is one of the few one lane bridges left in the county, probably the state. I used to be nervous crossing here with the bus until they spent a couple of years refurbishing it and replaced the metal deck with pavement.

Here's another plant that's not ready for fall. It had been refusing to open with the wet weather but the sunshine yesterday made it smile.

I went trash picking again this morning. I couldn't believe that they were tossing these out. John was less than thrilled when I got home. But they are both good and solid. The one on the right needs very little repair. I figure about $10 worth of paint and willow reed and I'll have them looking great in the spring. They'll look great with my glider. Now I just have to figure out how to anchor the screen house so it doesn't blow over again next year.


  1. Hey!!! That's the only thing I have ever picked out of someone's garbage-wicker chairs!
    Yours are great, even if you never use them, they look great around the front door!!

    Hurray for your sunny day!!

  2. What a great find. Lucky you! It's fun to find useful things and recycle them. Good for you.
    It's amazing how much a little sunshine improves our moods, isn't it?