Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last Week Flew By

Wednesday we had a pot luck at our garden club meeting. There were no duplicates so I treid to sample everything but there was just too much. The scheduled speaker was ill so we spent the meeting trying to drum up interest in getting people to volunteer to take officer's positions next year. So far the only ones to sign up are Not Me and Somebody Else. Every oganization I have ever belonged to has had this problem. One of the women gave me a dozen lily bulbs that I still have to get out and plant.

Thursday we had a car seat check at work. Turn out was greater than expected. We hope to make this an annual thing. I was shocked at the number of car seats that flunked and were replaced. Since we didn't have the kids with us we decided to wait and have ours checked at the Halloween open house at the Oswego garage on the 28th. The kids can trick or treat from table to table, check out the buses, fire-trucks and other displays while one of us waits in line.

Friday I got down to Mom's and took her to the bank. She got her STAR check and wanted to deposit it. She can use the money but with her other exemptions she didn't pay any taxes so why should she and other seniors get back more than they put in??? She did call and was assured that check was correct and she could keep the money. We got our check too. The state spent a small fortune to mail these checks with the election coming up instead of just adjusting the tax bills so our rebate isn't for as much as it appears - they'll just have to tax us someplace else to make up the mailing costs. No wonder companies are leaving NY.

Mom's having more trouble breathing. I asked if she'd made a doctors apointment yet. She doesn't feel that the doctor takes her seriously and he doesn't seem to. He says her breathing problems are the result of her heart problems and does very little about them. He could do something to make her more comfortable, adjust her meds, put her on oxygen, something! I told her to find a new doctor. Nobody in her area is taking new medicare patients. I'll be making some phone calls this week.

We've had more heavy rain this week. Here is what the radar looks like now. It's lake effect so I guess I should just be happy that it's not snow and isn't very well organized.


  1. You are soooo blessed to belong to a garden club!! I wish I had a garden club! Is it wonderful?

  2. That does sound like fun. How nice to get free lily bulbs. Hope you can get them planted.
    That car seat check thing is a great service.
    Hope your mom can find a more caring doctor and start feeling better. That's tough.