Monday, April 16, 2007

School's Open

Our district is one of the few in the region that is actually open today. We got everyone there safely this morning and we'll get them home this afternoon. I'm hoping that the storm lets up some so that the plows can actually keep caught up. I'm actually more worried about getting around in my car than driving the bus. I've already been stuck once and had a hard time getting home.

I called Mom to check on her and I'm very glad I did! She was out shoveling her front steps because she was worried about the Meals on Wheels guy being able to get to the door. Meals on Wheels is closed and the man that plows her driveway also shovels her steps, he just hasn't gotten there yet. She has trouble just walking out to the mailbox, shoveling heavy snow is not something she should even be attempting!

John is out snowblowing the driveway. I was hoping he wouldn't have to since it will all start melting tomorrow. The problem with snow from a Nor'easter is that it is very wet and heavy rather than the powdery lake effect snow that we are used to. The snowblower bogs down. Power lines are hanging low. Trees are coming down and there are power outages throughout the area. We've had late storms before and I guess we should be counting our blessings that we're not dealing with the flooding that other areas are dealing with. The forecast is for 50's by the weekend.

Weirdness for today - we have Vonage phone service through our internet connection. We can call out but anyone calling us just gets a busy signal. Even when we've had trouble before the calls have always rolled over to the Vonage message service. I guess they must be have some sort of storm related problem. My cell phone only works here if it is very close to the back window and pointed in the right direction so any family that can't reach us that way should send an email.


  1. I've been reading about that storm. Glad to hear you're safe. I can't imagine living in snow, but I know you're used to it.
    (You probably couldn't imagine living where earthquakes are a way of life either!)
    I guess it's all what you get used to.
    Stay warm and cozy!!

  2. I was amazed to wake up to so much snow here. It sure looked pretty though, and the birds have been very active all day. However, what a pain to get more snow! And I feel bad for the areas that are experiencing flooding.
    Our school was closed! Now the poor teachers will have yet another day to make up!
    Moms and MILs can be a worry. Ross's mom used to be the same way.
    I hope John just leaves that snow, 'cause like you said, it's melting fast.
    Glad you didn't get stuck with the bus.
    I'm looking forward to the warmer, drier weekend!
    Glad you enjoyed your trip! It's a good thing you photographed the crocus and snowdrop when you did!

  3. Oh dear, I cannot get over all the snow you guys keep getting! They were talking about it on our news and showing film footage...what is going on with this world??? They are saying Global Warming...I think it's more another Ice Age coming!! Stay safe and warm!! xoxo

  4. Apple, you may have to change your countdown to planting your garden. With that much snow it's got to set you back a bit. Here's to sunnier days!

  5. I've heard about all of these storms...I'm so glad it's going to warm up a balmy 50 degrees soon! ;)

  6. Hey!
    What was that about the Thruway being clear?

    My students from California nearly froze to death in Niagara, saw a great deal of snow in Rochester, Utica, and Cooperstown, and flooding from West Point on down through the Bronx. While many of them were delighted to have a snowball fight, it slowed the the trip.

    And then the tragic events at Virginia Tech also affected the trip both logistically and emotionally.

    They were good sports and had fun, but I am plum exhausted!

    The day I had planned to have in the city turned into a sleeping fest in my hotel room!

    Tour Marm