Monday, May 07, 2007

Roller Skating

It may have been Nikki's party but she wasn't skating. One trip out onto the floor, she sat down, took off her skates and carried them back!

Liz was late because she had her 1st soccor game. I'm not sure soccer is going to be her game - she's upset that they don't pass her the ball.

Alex wanted to skate but only if BJ kept him upright. He wouldn't even try to skate on his own.

Mike on the other hand didn't want any help or tips. We stopped counting the number of times he fell but he did improve by the end of the party!

Yup, I put on skates. Once around the floor and my ankles hurt. Probably because of all the weight I put on over the winter. No, I don't generally wear work clothes to birthday parties.

John & PJ didn't skate. It looks like they found the rest of us amusing though.
All in all everyone had a good time. Pizza, a Pinata, Cupcakes and Presents - how could it not be fun?!

So why was I dressed for work? The Oswego Transportation Dept. had their annual Bike Roadeo so a group of us went to promote the Training Bus. I've never been before because it has always been the same day as the Bus Roadeo. (There will be some new competition this year!) I didn't stay long because of Nikki's party but they certainly put on a great day for their local kids!

We had a display board and a coloring contest.

Sandy Creek brought their Puppet Show.

Liverpool was there too with this tiny little bus.

The Homer SAFE Bus was there.

This was the Bike Roadeo course. The kids each got a certificate for completing the course and a chance to win a new bike or helmet.
They also had the City Fire Department there with one of their trucks that the kids could check out and inside the garage the Oswego County Traffic Safety Council had a car seat check in addition to the Roadeo. They also had a smoke bus. We are hoping to do something similar next spring at our new garage facility (if it's done!)


  1. Oh what was the roller rink you went to? Was it the one in Central Square?? I can't remember what it was called in the 80s... Green.. Acres? Something Green. I used to go to that rink every Saturday night as a teenager.

  2. I have roller skated in over 30 years...I think I'd hurt myself real badly if I tried it now! lol You were certainly brave to try it!!! Sounds like a great time at the Bus Roadeo also...lots of fun for the young ones!! xox

  3. Green Acres is the bowling alley in Central Square, it may have been a roller rink at one time. As far as I'm aware the Bilou in Fulton is the only roller rink left in the area. In the 70's there was one in almost every town.

  4. Oh, fun pictures, Apple! :)
    About a year ago, we started skating with another family for awhile...for me, it was so much fun! Even after age 40! That feeling of flying as I picked up speed was just like when I was a kid!
    Sounds like Nikki and everyone had a good time just being together! :)

  5. I love seeing all the pictures of your sweet grandkids. They're a photogenic bunch :)
    Sounds like a fun day and you were brave to skate! I'm sure you're not afraid to try anything Apple :)
    Happy birthday wishes to your little Sprout and Twig!
    They're certainly keeping you on your toes, along with everything else.

  6. Ok, I'm saying it again, those kids are crazy! No wonder why us parents can keep our heads on right! It was a fun party to say the least. No better place to have it - all that room is really what they need at a party.