Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday in Pictures

Mike's game this week was at the field behind Mom's house. When I was growing up it was just a field of weeds where we played. We weren't supposed to play there, which made it all the more attractive.

Alex insisted on playing on the top of the bleacher and falling off.

So I took him for a walk to see if I could find the spot where we used to cross the creek. With all the trash and overgrowth I decided that maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all.

So instead I let Alex take some pictures of the things he discovered.

He had fun taking apart this seed pod.

We headed back to the game. This week they changed to rules, "to get them ready for next year." The kids were all confused and the parents and coaches were all yelling constantly. There were a couple of kids hurt during the first half, one they carried off the field. It was getting quite hot and Alex was quite bored so at half time he and I decided to walk over to "Nana's" house. We had a nice little visit.

When we headed back o the game The fire barn siren was going off. It was followed quickly by the sound of emergency vehicles heading in our direction. All little boys like to see firetrucks so we stayed on the corner to watch them. What we saw were three rescue vehicles that turned into the field! The road is under construction so I had to get Alex down a steep gravel embankment and over a plastic fence.

This is the sight I dread when going to the boy's games. The injured player was from our team. He hurt his leg and left in the ambulance. I hope his injury is not serious.

Mike was quick to let me know that he was OK. At least three more kids were hurt before the game was called for time. Alex has a game later today and then I only have one more week to endure.


  1. I can understand why you dread those games! Hope the boy was not seriously hurt, but 3 rescue vehicles sounds serious!
    At least you and Alex got to visit with your mom which must've been nice.
    We had a great weekend with the kids. They kept us very busy and we were REALLY tired on Sunday night after they left! Keeping up with little ones sure wears us out these days :)

  2. I always dread those moments in the football games when a player is down on the field. All the others are on one knee waiting for him to be able to get up. I just hold my breath and say a prayer.

    What we endure as grandparents!!