Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weather Rollercoaster

Was it really less than a week ago that I was complaining about the the cold? The weather moderated over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday the temperatures here were in the 60's.

You would think that with all that warmth that our snow would be gone. At least we can see some grass again.
This section of the garden is mostly clear but not very pretty.
The high winds reached here today. There was a quick moving band of thunderstorms expected to go through just as I got to work. We ended up with about 5 minutes of heavy rain and high winds. So our district and several others made the decision to delay two hours! #%$#*!!!!! As we walked into the garage one of the mechanics informed us of the delay and of course we laughed at him. I spent the next two hours laughing.

A group of us spent our time camped out in the break room and stories were to told. The time the spring brake control came off in my hand? Another driver beat that with a story of how the steering wheel came off in hers. We talked about some of the zanier things students have done over the years. None of us were happy about having two hours to kill but at least we did it with good humor :-) By the time I headed out my abs hurt, I'd been laughing so hard. I did really wish I hadn't drunk that 6th cup of coffee though!

There were a couple of roads closed due to downed trees and wires but none of us ran very late. When I finally got home at 11:30 John was a bit concerned about me. He'd turned off the TV and had no idea that we'd delayed.

The power outages that they were concerned about happened this afternoon. All of the schools lost power about an hour before dismissal. So of course the kids were wound up and miserable about all the things that were canceled. The temperature has dropped about 20° since this morning. The snow should melt a little more over the next couple of days and then we'll be getting more. It was nice while it lasted. sigh


  1. Really..they delayed? I wonder if our school did. I wasn't listening to the radio.
    At least you filled the 2 hrs with fun and laughter...a good way to start the day.
    We had high winds but the temp stayed around 55ยบ. It's been a nice respite after last week's frigid temps.
    There are only a few small patches of white around here this morning. But it'll be back soon, no doubt.

  2. What little snow we had is all gone. Even today with the temperature at 40 it feels warm. I could almost let myself be fooled into thinking winter is over... Okay, maybe not, but it has been a nice break.