Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Another Catch Up Post

I have been neglecting this blog as usual. One of the resent topics for the Carnival of Genealogy was to write an obituary for our blog. If I'd done that little writing assignment here I suspect you'd have all believed it!

The past month has been busy, busy, busy! Just after school started we began working on our plans for our 3rd annual Safety Expo. Some key people dropped out and I was a bit overwhelmed for a couple of days but was very pleasantly shocked when several others stepped up and volunteered! With only a week to go we're in great shape with more displays and volunteers than ever before. Now we begin praying to the weather gods. Also at work, driver training has started. We have a lot of new people this year which is great. I don't know why supervising someone else driving wears me out but I've been coming how exhausted and cranky. The kids are tired of sub-drivers too and haven't been behaving as well as I know they can. Another week or two and that will be done for another year.

Mom has kept me on my toes. It turns out she is not shrinking, at least not at the rate she thought she was. The problem is that she is loosing range of motion in her good arm. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she has to go to physical therapy on Monday.

Kids night has resumed and I grab Twig once in while while Sprout is in school.

Hopefully I'll get back in the habit of writing here soon.

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  1. Oh, absolutely! Last year I was a 'peer driver' (as we call it) it is very tiring! This year I chose not to...