Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Irish Eyes

Things continue to plod along here and I continue to feel sorry for myself. I managed to quit smoking for a week and then had a melt down and started again. Gov. Patterson has insured that I will quit with the new tax passed yesterday.

We have jumped through several more hoops on the path to getting Mom accepted into PACE. Sis has had to do most of it. I did the funeral preplanning and ordered the headstone. Both were much harder than I thought they'd be, through the whole process I felt like I have been wishing Mom dead which is certainly not the case.

The school year is winding down. Twig had his moving up ceremony at preschool last week and Sprout had her preschool graduation later the same day. The other four are now on half days. The boys will finish on Wednesday and the girls on Friday. We had just Alex yesterday and took him out to lunch. It was nice having one to one time with him. Today we have the girls and they are a bit anxious about riding the bus out here. In the past they always just rode with me and I brought home with me after work. Unless something comes up we'll take them out to lunch today. It was sad for me to pick up all of my things from my bus yesterday.

It's been 10 weeks since my surgery now. The friend that lent me the wheelchair needed it back. I had an appointment with the doctor this Friday but they called and canceled it. With babysitting and other commitments it looks like I'll be going on July 6th. That will be twelve weeks and I have to believe that I'll have grown bone by then! I'm not going to bet everything on that though, so I'll be borrowing another chair from the VFW. Depending on how things go at the doctor and with Mom we hope to get down and see the new place in Florida next month even if I'm still on crutches.

I am getting out into the yard more and even puttering in the garden a little. I still can't manage the stairs on the crutches and have given up and go in and out on my butt instead. Embarrassing, but with the fear of falling gone I do feel like it gives me a little more freedom.


  1. Keep your chin up girl, it can only get better. I'll keep my fingers crossed for excellent news on the 6th!

  2. I hope things get better soon for you. Take care

  3. We are all pulling for you! Adding in some prayers, positive vibes and a TON of fairy dust!

  4. Sorry you have had such a difficult time. I wish I could help you somehow! Remember things WILL get better! Thinking of you and looking forward to that smile on your face! :-)

  5. No wonder you've been on my mind lately!! What a load you have on your shoulders. I knew about the surgery-but not about your Mother. I'll be saying a prayer for you all!!!

  6. Better on your butt than your head. I've done it, and so have many others. I am pulling for you, and praying for a good report. Hang in and hang on.

  7. Apple, what a long haul it's been for you this time. I'm glad you're managing to get outside and garden a little, even if you have to do the stairs on your derriere. Love the new daylily and those Irish-eyed Susans. Mine gloriosas are just beginning to bloom. They sure add some oomph! I have a couple of daylilies blooming too. There's lots of color right now but tons of work too. I always bite off more than I can chew.
    Our strawberries were a bust this year. Ross put in some new plants, which we should've done last year, so we should have a better harvest next year. Glad John's did well.
    You've had such a lot to deal with. Glad the worst of it is over and that you have CG to share the burden. We'll be praying for your mom and all of you.
    Keep on trying to quit those cigarettes. You can do it! It's no easy task so don't beat yourself up about it. Just take it one day at a time and pat yourself on the back for every day you prevail :)
    Your garden is looking very pretty. Love those delphiniums! I want to try penstemons. Where did you find yours and what variety are they?
    Please tell CG I said hi. "Her" lily is about to bloom :) My foxgloves were very prolific this spring. Lots of offspring from the ones you gave me :)
    I hope your foot improves very soon!

  8. Hope things are going a bit better and keep soing so.