Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Good, Bad and Mixed News

Mom's first day at the senior day center went very well! Sis took her and she saw her new doctor and really liked him. He's working on changing at least one of her medications so that she won't have to use the nebulizer so much. She met a woman that was not only familiar with the housing tract that Mom lives in but knows the people that developed it. She rode home on the bus and that went well too.

Yesterday we went up to Sandy Pond and I managed to fall and land hard on my foot. Yeah - that foot. I knew right off that I had hurt it. The pain was on the other side, away from where I had surgery but I was still very worried that I had injured the surgery site.

I already had an appointment with the doctor for this morning. He poked and prodded at it and then took xrays. Then he took more xrays. I finally grew bone!! Yeah! I can now start walking - except - I hurt it yesterday. He does not see a break on the xray but a stress fracture wouldn't show up this quickly. Hopefully it's only bruised, I should know over the next week or so. Meanwhile I'm still on the crutches :(

Only I could hurt myself the day before the OK to start walking again.

Despite the crutches we're still planning on heading out later this week to see our new place in Florida. Hopefully that will go well. I'm dreading the drive but looking forward to seeing what we've got and what we'll need to do.


  1. Enjoy Florida, in spite of that silly foot. Glad to hear your mother is adjusting. Man's mother did quite well on her adjustment to her move to assisted living.

  2. I hope it is just a bruise. Good news on your mother! Have a safe trip, have fun, and enjoy planning your next steps on the Florida place.

  3. Yay for bone growth. Hopefully the rest will be just a bruise. Enjoy your trip.