Friday, March 25, 2011

Kitchen Done!

The kitchen is done - for now. We still want to put in new flooring. So what took so long?

  • Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.
  • Removed the old toaster oven.
  • Ceiling needed three coats to cover the yellow strip.
  • Ceiling register spray painted.
  • A zillion holes filled and sanded.
  • Deglosser applied. (The fumes made me so ill that only one half got done. Didn't seem to do anything and the side without came out fine.)
  • Ceiling light fixture replaced. (A job that should have taken a few minutes took over an hour but we won the battle!)
  • Cupboard doors removed. (There are 24 doors and 8 drawers. Since I could only lay out 12 doors at a time I only worked on one side at a time.)
  • Primer, followed by 2-3 coats each of three different colors of paint. (I spent a lot of time watching paint dry before I could start on the next color.)
  • Door handles spray painted. They were so old that several broke so we ended up ordering new ones.
  • Blind replaced.
  • New valance made.


1984 Twin, Homes of Merit


  1. Isn't that an awesome feeling to have the 'before' and 'after' complete and you can look back at a job well done!

  2. What a change! Love the new, fresh look! (Amazing how many coats of paint a kitchen ceiling can soak up before the yellow is buried!)

  3. It is lovely! Well done! OK, B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L !!

    May you enjoy it for years and years to come!

    (You can come paint for me any day!)

  4. Oh, I cannot spell before coffee (SNICKER)


    deserves a second go around anyway! LOL

  5. Very nice! Just remember nothing has to get done all at've got the rest of your life to complete it! So don't kill yourself redecorating. We moved into our condo a little over a year ago, after renting it out for 5+ years, and we're just taking it slow but easy. We've got all but 1 bath and my computer room goal for those is by October 31 (because we moved in on October 31,2009).

  6. Thanks everyone! It's great to have a clean, bright room.

    TK - This being a trailer, there is a "decorative" strip along the ceiling every 16" so I have white ceilings with yellow strips through the entire place! Yuck. I think I covered the grime with just two coats ;-)

    Carol - I'll add you to the list. I'm booked out about 20 years right now. lol

    Mary - We've had our other house 7 years now and it still isn't done! I have to "hurry" and finish that one because we plan to sell it in about five years.

  7. Your other house? I am worn out just thinking of having to houses to care for.It is so much just to keep up with one house! lol Your kitchen looks bright and cheery...oh, clean and pretty too! ;-)

  8. What a bunch of hard work! What a great feeling having it finished??!! Congrats!

  9. Wow. That makes every project I've done recently look like playtime. Great result, looks wonderful. Enjoy.