Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Day Off

I took the day off from painting on Tuesday and we went to Blue Springs State Park. We waited too long to go so we missed the manatees this year. So we decided we'd finally take the St John's River cruise. Turned out we needed a reservation so lesson learned. Still, it was an enjoyable day walking the boardwalk and we brought a picnic lunch.

Instead of the Manatees we saw these creatures swimming along.

The kids were having a great time. There is a place further up the spring that you can get in with an inner-tube and float down to the swimming area. I think my grandkids would really love doing that! 

That is if this sign doesn't scare them out of the water!

Yesterday was back to work. The new hardware came today so the kitchen is finally done! The ceiling tiles are in for the guest room. Initially we decided we couldn't make them work. After rethinking it we may have come up with a solution. So tomorrow we have to pick up supplies and we'll try and put up the ceiling over the weekend. If this doesn't work I'm seriously thinking that poster board is a viable option!

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