Sunday, April 03, 2011

Storms and Mess

My sister pointed out that I haven't posted anything in awhile. Since she asked ....

While I was still working on the kitchen the ceiling tiles for the guest room came in. We picked them up and looked at them but decided one mess at a time. So as I worked on the kitchen we read the directions and held up tiles and decided we were pretty much screwed, there was no way that we were going to be able to make them work.

It was probably just as well that they came in while I was in the middle of something else. After looking things over we came up with solutions so we made a list and back off to Lowe's we went where they were more than happy to take more of our $$$. (Trips to Lowe's almost always mean stopping someplace for lunch.) According to the instructions it should have taken us 5-7 hours to install the ceiling but of course you all know us - it took one day to prep the room to make them work and two more to get them up. Frustration ensued but we're still speaking to each other and we have a ceiling. I'll write more about the guest room later. John has been wanting me to share some pictures but..........

the bed is still in the front room. I used the frame to paint molding and then I moved on to the dining room cupboard doors. I'm not close to finished with the dining room but the bedframe works out so well for painting the doors that I had John take down the ones from the bar and laundry room. Once they're done we can move the bed back to where it belongs.

More mess.

Somehow I managed to buy the wrong color paint for the dining room :-(  At least it's a small area to repaint.

We really needed rain and boy did we get it last week! I like a good thunderstorm but the one we had Wednesday made me a little uneasy, probably because we were under a tornado watch all day and I don't ever recall seeing the radar on the TV move into the pink range before.

It doesn't really show up well but we got some good sized hail and boy was it loud on the metal carport!

John hasn't been idle. When he hasn't had to help me with one project or another he's been out raking and cleaning up from the storm and the big trees out back that seem to shed leaves constantly. He ran out of room to store bags on the driveway and has more out back waiting for pickup later in the week. I think he's at 13 bags and he's not done yet!

So that's the latest boring update. As soon as I'm done painting doors and have the guest room put back together we'd like to take a day and head over to the coast.

1984 Twin, Homes of Merit


  1. That happens with my trips to LOWES but not including the lunch. When ever you go in your find things you did not know you needed.

  2. What a great idea using the bed frame!Don't you just love how one project seems to lead to another? It's all going to beautiful when you get done!

  3. It will be beautiful. Still love the bed frame idea.