Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Day at the Beach

We took the day off today and headed to Canaveral National Seashore. I wanted to see Space Shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad and by going to the beach we got to see it and saved $80. Don't get me wrong, I've been to Kennedy Space Center and we do plan to go again but for right now I'm still pinching pennies!

For me it was quite exciting to see but my
camera just isn't up to long range shots.

 Vehicle Assembly Building.

 There were very few people on the beach, a few fishermen and a couple of sunbathers. We have always loved walking a beach and this was the first time I had tried since my last two surgeries. I wrenched my back yesterday and between the foot and my back it was not the pleasurable experience I was looking forward to.

Wild flowers on the dune.

I did take my sandals off to try walking barefoot in the packed sand at the waters edge. That was no better and the water was cold. Hopefully next time will be better!

We went back to the car and drove further down the beach. We took our chairs and picnic lunch and just sat watching the waves, people and the birds. I was entertained by a couple of pelicans but they were camera shy.

Then this guy came strutting along. Actually the couple just south of us were feeding him so he was happy to hang around.

He even stopped right in front of me and posed.

We took our time driving back and explored Titusville a bit. After we got home and unpacked the car we headed out again for milk shakes. I had fun people watching. There was one little girl there, about four, who was just cute as a button. Someone had painted a mask on her face in bright pink and tangerine. She chose a tie-dyed t-shirt in orange, pink and bright blue over which she added a purple plaid sundress. She completed her outfit with Dora knee socks and cute flowered sandals. Next time one of my granddaughters picks something outlandish to wear I'm just going to smile!


  1. I think it's an Ibis but I've miss identified birds before.

  2. Apple...
    I am stuck in snowy and desperately cold Illinois, but our daughter went to school in Florida. Once we were at a Walmart, or was it Target?? and I swore I saw you. This little square picture of you, but we'd been blogger friends for so long, I was just sure of it. My husband told me if I walked up to the woman, she would probably call the police, so I did not.
    Our daughter goes to school in Melbourne.
    Do you live near there, Apple? It is a fabulous place, unlike most coastal towns, we have fallen in love and are trying to get there, permantly.
    I hope to some day live there, out of this cold and miserable place...
    I see you have not posted in a while, I hope all is well with you and you've gotten your place shaped up.