Friday, April 08, 2011

Sugar! Sugar! Fudge!

My mother taught me to use sugar and fudge in place of swear words and boy have I been saying them alot! I'm still working on the dining room. Somehow I managed to wrench my back. I think I must have twisted when I was trying to reach the highest part of the wall. It's a bit better today and I know from experience that it should be fine in a day or two.

I mentioned before that I bought the wrong color paint for around the mirror. Here's that photo.

It's a pretty pastel green but I wanted sage and the pastel just wasn't working for me. So off to Home Depot and Holy Cow - the line in the paint department snaked all the way around. One of the men in line told me not to despair, the folks at the front were waiting for the paint shaker to finish and they had several people working so the line was moving fairly quickly. I stood in line and John went off to pick up some caulk. My turn finally came and the clerk went to find the base she needed to mix my paint. Meanwhile John had been checking out the paint returns that were marked down and found a color he thought was close and brought it over. The clerk and I looked at it and agreed it was darker than the color I'd picked and it was semi-gloss, while I wanted satin, so I told John to forget it, I was not buying the wrong color again! It was then that the clerk informed me that they did not have the base I needed. Sugar!!!! She said that for $1.00 I might want to try the can John was now returning to the shelf. A DOLLAR? You bet I'll try it for that price. John retrieved it and we actually spent less than $3.00 - a first for a trip to a home improvement store.

I put it on the wall and it didn't look too bad - until it dried. Sugar!!!! It said dark army green man cave to me and I certainly wasn't having that!

So I dumped some of it into a jar and tried adding white to lighten it. When that didn't work I poured some white and started adding the dark green to it until it seemed right. I got it on the wall, it took in one coat and while it was a bit darker than the color I'd picked I liked it and was happy to have that done. It took five coats of white paint to cover the molding around the mirror. When it was done I was excited to remove the masking tape and see how it looked.


The back of the molding now shows up like a sore thumb. It better not take five coats! And I suspect I'll have another place to use that caulk we just bought.

I'm nowhere near done with the dining room that I was certain would only take 3 or 4 days.

So back to work I go.........

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